Bainbridge, Georgia

Did not have Debit card so when I went to the drug store to get my son's medication, CVS Pharmacy would not take my check because it was denied by TELECHECK. I have not written any checks with insufficient funds so when I called, I was told that the amount was more then the average of what I usually spent and I did not have enough check writing history.

I tried to explain what happened but was told that unless they spoke with my bank and verified funds, they would not allow me to write checks for at least 7 days. I had no other way to pay for my son's medicine so I was not able to get it that day. I asked to speak with a supervisor who told me that it would not take 7 days and since there had been a hit on this transaction, I should not be declined again. I stopped at the grocery store to get lunch for my children to take to school and attempted to write another check and was declined again.

Basically we take a gamble every time we write a check and are forced to suffer embarrassment and in the case of my child, other discomforts as well. I was waiting for my debit card to come in and had no way to access my money if I needed to. If you do not have negative history with bad checks, your check should not be denied. TELECHECK states that if it is a CODE 3 it does not state a negative history but how many clerks know what a CODE 3 is and what about the people standing behind me in line that just witnessed one of my checks not being accepted.

I live in a small town and knew several people that day standing in line and I am sure they left and told that my checks were not accepted. I also called back and told the Merchant what happened and they were very upset as was my Bank. This has got to be amended because the pain and suffering this has caused is unnecessary and the only way that we can do something is start sending all Companies who choose to use TELECHECK a letter letting them know that their business is going to be hurt because as long as they continue to do business with TELECHECK, we will not do business with them because we can not write a check if needed.

I pay for my checks and the service to use them and find great fault with a company who can decide at any time not to allow checks to be processed. Please help with this situation.

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