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Telecheck has been in a lot of hot water and we need them to take them to task. They have paid 3.5 million recently and we need to have a class action lawsuit by those of us who have been humiliated and denied services and goods due to their unfair practices.

My check was denied, I couldn't get what I needed, had to find a ride 16 miles to my bank, I am old and disabled, had to cancel appointments and so forth. When I called them they said I did not have a bad check anywhere or a bad history, they based it on a statistical analysis. Bull. Merchants have to belong to Telecheck, I use checks everyday of my life.

For example, I have written forty this month. Apparently 39 of them do not belong to Telecheck. Statistically with my history there is 100% chance my check is good. So they have only seen one of my checks and it is good, what the *** are they basing it on?

If they checked on one check and it was good, that would mean I have a record of 100% good checks in their system. Please call the FTC when this happens to you.They will take a formal complaint and will give you the number of the Attorney General in your State who will also take a formal complaint over the pohone.If I find this harms my credit report they will find they are fighting a consumer pit bull and will be sorry they ever heard of me. Please join me. Also, can anyone find a lawyer out here who will take on a class action suit?

They also require you to put in all your checking information to grt to a real person through the automated menu. What are they going to do with that?

Again if they try to use it for credit reporting or I ever find anything withdrawn from it or it used for anything but identifying that specid check, they will be sorry.

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Cool your jets over this. I am old, partially disabled.

I leave enough in my checking account every month to pay my monthly bills and leave enough in the account in case I want to order something. After that I withdraw cash to get me through the month for my regular shopping. It is real easy and no problem at all. I would rather do it that way than be writing checks for everything.

If you would withdraw cash you wouldn't have to write so many checks and each check that you write costs money. I don't know why you would be humiliated over this, almost everybody knows what Telecheck is. I have never had the rear check that I write in stores declined for any reason, but after hearing all the people whine about Telecheck I did some online investigating and found out a lot of the reason that Telecheck refuses checks is because of the possibility of ID theft, etc. I imagine you would rather risk having somebody use your account illegally.

Also couldn't you have found an ATM machine closer than your bank?

Something is fishy in your complaint. Don't you carry any cash at all.

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