Plano, Texas
Not resolved

My company was established in April, 1999, and so was my company operating account. I sent two employees to Waste Management to dump some garbage and gave them a company check to pay for it. The check was declined (Code 3- meaning NO negative activity) in the amount of $33.60, and one of my employees had to pay cash for the service.

I have done business with Waste Management for years, and this was not only embarassing with the business associate, but to my employees as well.

I called Telecheck and they informed me my check was declined due to "high activity." Well, DUH, it's a business account !!! Oh, and they will be sending me a LETTER OF APOLOGY.

Telecheck must be a very low-standing company if they can not insure a $33.60 check. I highly recommend nobody use, and they need to be put out of business.

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