I attempted a $19.60 purchase from Walmart with a check. Telecheck declined my check.

I have written over 6000 checks over the years with probable 2500 being at a Walmart. I attempted to get the reason from the telecheck associate via telephone and all I got were questions before being told I was a third party on my account...my account. So I asked them to just send the reason to my home on record and was informed they could not even do that.

You explain it to me. I just explain it to the Better Business Bureau and lodge my complaint where it will actually help me.

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Husband had a 79.38 check declined at a local WalMart. Called Telecheck to see what was the problem.

have never had a declined or overdraft check, credit rating is excellent. Husband was furious, and the person at Telecheck was not able to speak clear English. After 30 min on the phone, with them asking for all kinds of personal information, he called me (his wife). Icalled out bank, and verified that there was no problem, more than sufficient funds, and that they saw nothing that led them to believe anyone had hacked our account.

I then called Telecheck. Talked to two people who gave me the run around, and were the least to say, "hard to understand." After 30 minutes, I demanded to talk to a supervisor. "Again I was on hold. When she came on, she did speak a little better English, but immediatly went into a discussion about what she had been told.

Was told it was "fixed" but their system would not reset for 72 hours, to clear the transaction. I told them we were getting conflicting info, from the first two associates at Telecheck. She said she didn't have a record of them telling us conflicting info. I asked her to call the Walmart and verify to them that our money/account did not have insufficient funds.

She put me on hold, and then told me the store manager she spoke with and that everything was verified. But, again, their system might decine checks up to 72 hours. I asked them to put the problem and resolution in writing. Said they would and it could be 7-10 days.

Very hard to know who and when to trust anyone these days.Your told not to give out personal info, and then your expected to release that info to just anyone that has probles, and can have access to your account? Not real sure about Walmart or other places using this co.


After writing a check at Home Depot for $1200 dollars, which was approved and cleared the bank, TELECHECK declined an $800 dollar check from us at Home Depot four days later........no explanation given. A very humiliating and embarrassing experience.

In f/u with TELECHECK the next day we discovered that their approval process is subjective...i.e.

pretty much at the whim of the representative you get at the time. When my kitchen remodel is done I will never again patronize a Home Depot....thanks to TELECHECK

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