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I went to Foodtown and wrote a check. It was declined.

I called the number and was told that the account was too new. I went in again about a month later and presented a check, same problem. Telecheck told me that the check fell outside of their guidelines(whatever they are). The check was for $29.

I went again today and wrote a check for $74 it was declined because it falls outside of the "risk guidelines". I just spoke with someone from the Civil Rights Commission and I will have a complaint filed today.

If anyone else is having a problem, contact your office in your area and file a complaint. This nonsense needs to stop!

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They probably ran your credit and found that you owe too much money to too many people and do not want to accept any risk associated with your check.

As you can see in this example; checks are riskier than any debit or credit cards.

The reason she did not use a credit card, is because they are all maxed out.


There is someone that they must answer to and you will see the significance in the complaint. Debit and Credit cards are just as risky if not more of a risk than a check :sigh Today's banking world is just what it is: Banking world.

There is no one (excluding the bank)that should determine who is allowed to write a check and who is not. If there were a problem with the check that would be different, but considering that is not the's whatever!


Telecheck answers to no one else and your complaints will go nowhere fast. What does Civil Rights have to do with them rejecting your check?

You should be using a credit or debit card. Checks are very risky in today's banking world.

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