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Thursday, 09/01/2011, alternator goes out on our family car at 8:00pm. Go to Auto Zone to buy alternator, check declined.

I have over $300.00 in the account at this time for a $133.00 check. Call Tele-check while I'm standing there as the person at Auto Zone says sometimes they get approval......nope, because Tele-check cannot "talk" to someone at my bank (hello - their closed)they can't approve. Fast forward to Monday 09/05/2011, go to Best Buy to buy a new printer. Get to cashier.....again declined.

Get home to call Tele-check only to be told that since I was declined in the last 6 days......they cannot approve my check. Even with over 400.00 in the account now, they are not allowed to over ride their "approval guidelines." Thanks, feels like talking to Peggy at USA Prime Credit (if you've seen the Discover commercials.

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I am once again going to contact the BBB....the president of tele-check called me the very next morning and apologized and said it would not happen again....guess happened yesterday and I am calling to report them once again....I am trying my best to get them on the bad list....really want them put out of business......


I've had the same problem this past week. I'm not sure I'm as pissed as I am embarrassed.

I don't know what the issue is? Never bounced a check in the 24 years I've had this checking account . . .On Thursday, September 1st I wrote 3 checks in succession, the last being at CVS.

It was denied, but then it rang through . . today, September 6th, I go to CVS and again declined. Talked to someone and they tell me I don't have enough history??

It's really odd! Going first thing tomorrow to get a debit card.


Get a debit card and stop writing checks. Problem solved.

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