Princeton, West Virginia

For almost fifty years I have banked with the same bank and until recently had no problems with writing checks to any store. Lately with this Telecheck thing they have in the stores, my husband and I are having problems with it.

We write checks fo about everything and today was he TOPPER! I was in one store and he was in another. Little did we know that the other was writing a check to pay for purchases. Both checks were declined by telecheck.

This is notte first time-----Dollar Tree is real bad about this and so is Family Dollar Store. Well, anyways, both of us are extremely upset with telecheck. When I call about this they keep saying that they have nothing to do with the bank and don't know what we have in the bank, hich is none of their business. Today I was told it was because my husband had written a cehck the day before to the store that he was writing the check to today----that he had written too many checks to this store.

What business is it of theirs??? We have the money in the bank or else we would not be writing the checks. Wht was so upsetting is that family members were with him and a friend with me!!!! Are we now only allowed to write so many checks?

Why is it I feel that these people are telling me what I can do and cannot do? I am really upset, in fact to the point that I am going to start watching where I write checks.

So what if I have to go pay a little higher price for something? It would be worth it not to be upset!!!!!

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I agree - I had pretty much a similir experience. Wish there was a way for 1.

an apology, and 2. Put them out of business or at least improve their service.


I recently had a check declined but could not immediately find out why. I called the number on the slip I was given, and they wanted my bank routing number, account number, check number, date it was written, and the amount.

After providing all of that to a machine, I was given a reference number and a different number to call. That number was again a machine, that wanted the same information again. After searching the internet I found a phone number for customer service. I was told the reason my check was declined was because of an outstanding check.

After a few minutes on the phone, I was told that the check was posted to the wrong checking account, and was subsequently returned. Rather than notify me or trying to submit the check to the correct account, the put me in their database for writting bad checks. I called my bank the following Monday and was told that the returned check had never been submitted to my account for payment. I again called customer service for first data (parent company for telecheck), and asked for an explanation, and to have my name removed from their database.

They admitted that a mistake was made, that they resubmitted the check, and I would be removed from their data base 14 days after the check cleared my bank. I demanded that my name be removed immediatley, they refused saying that they can not do that. But, if I get a print out from my bank showing the check has cleared, they can remove my name.

I shouldn't have to prove anything to those idiots, they made the mistake, and now refuse to do the right thing, claiming that they are the victim. They are crooks, not victimes

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