Rochester, Minnesota
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I am 28 years old my husband was killed by a drunk driver. I have a checking account with 47,000.00 from my husbands life insurance.

In the last 3 days I paid of a loan from my bank 12,000 and my car 17,000 = 29,000.00. Today is Saturday it is after all banks are closed and will not be open until Monday. With over 16,000.00 left in my account I tried to get some things at wal-mart equaling 343.52 and telecheck declined saying it was too risky and I wont have any money until monday. What monsters!

My question is why does some guy get to say you cant get things you need. There has never been a check not covered on this account.

I was beyond embarresed and felt extreemly hurt havent I been through enough. Aparently not thanks for more pain telecheck...

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Richmond, Virginia, United States #701602

"anonymous" from Sioux Falls, South Dakota is payed employee for TELECHECK !!!

This person ALWAYS defends TELECHECK !!!


Newport News, Virginia, United States #700521

That still does not give them the right to block you...especially if you have the money in the account.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #680332

Telecheck doesnt't know what you have been through, so it was just plain *** to bring that up. I find it hard to believe that you needed over $300.00 worth of stuff from WalMart, at one time.

Maybe the fact that you had written a few really large checks recently raised a red flag for Telecheck. A lot of the reason they deny checks is because of suspected identity theft.

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