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Tried writing a check at the grocery store and was declined called and they told me to go back in and it would be approved, nooe declined again. Called again said they updated my profile and I wouldn't have any further issues, nooe declined again.

Went back the next day after speaking to them yet again and being guaranteed that everything was fine and my profile has been updated so no further issues would occur and was declined again and then three more times after that!!! At that point short of blowing up the phone or the person on the other end of it they still can't give me a reason why my account is even being flagged to begin with!! I've written checks in the past with no issue. I don't bounce checks.

I don't write fraudulent checks. All of a sudden you decide that little old me needs to be profiled? This is ridiculous. Mortifying and embarrassing.

This company is absolutely ridiculous with their nonsense about fraudulent activity. When you have an established customer that has an established account you don't need to flag the account so they can be embarrassed when there's more than enough money in it to pay for whatever it is they're purchasing.

People forget their debit cards people forget their wallet things happen you have checks to be able to pay for things you don't need to be embarrassed because TeleCheck suddenly gets a bug up their *** and decides you're an idiot and can't be approved to write a check. Absolutely worst experience of my life and what's even worse is when you call not a person there speaks English!!!

Review about: Telecheck Check.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Simple solution: stop writing checks in stores. Use a credit card.

You cannot change Telecheck. They don't care.

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