I went into the CVS pharmacy we have used for two years and attempted to purchase my husband's medicine by writing a check on an account we have had for 7 years with no negative history and also used previously on hundreds of occasions at the same store. My check was declined.I called the number on the slip they gave me and was connected to someone who could barely speak English and I could not understand.

I was eventually transferred to someone who could speak slightly better. They informed me that my bank number was disconnected. Funny I had called the same number earlier and it worked perfectly. They were also calling after hours.

I offered to give them an 800number which they said they could not use because they could only use their number. I later learned they had called my house and talked with my husband. Asked him if I lived there. He saidI did but was not there becuase I was at the pharmacy trying to get his medicine.

When I asked them for details on why my check was declined, they said a "high level"of acitivity was showing but refused to give me details. I demanded a letter of explanation of why this happened and was told I would receive a letter saying it was due to 'high activity' but no further reason. I believe that this was because my last name is hispanic.

I am from Alabama but my husband has an hispanic name and have found this company is 276% more likely to decline checks with hispanic origin. This should be grounds for civil action along with their refusal to give me specific information showng grounds for denial.

Monetary Loss: $21.

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