Georgetown, Texas

Went to purchase groceries at Walmart (which is where we always go) we presented a check for payment which was only $50.64. The check was declined.

We got a little receipt giving us a phone number to call to TeleCheck. Needless to say we write checks a Walmart all the time with no problem. Have called the number numerous times and all I get is a computer asking me for all kinds of personal information including my bank account routing number and account number (I DON'T THINK SO)!!! Who the *** are they to ask for all of this information without me being able to talk with a human to find out why my check was declined.

And even when you get to the end of the first computer then it says please hold for the next available agent - and then I get transferred to a company call TRS at it says this is an attempt to collect a dept - Who the *** is TRS and what do they have to do with Telecheck and writing a check somplace. It is absolutely rediculous that you cannot get information about why a check was declined, and moreso it is wrong for a company as big as Walmart that they don't care anymore about their faithful customers to offer better help on what happened and how to get in touch with a human at Telecheck to find out the problem. I did call the Walmart where we presented the check and they offered no help just said "that is the only number they gave us to give to consumers. I told her well if they gave yall that number there must be another number they called on or yall have infomtion on to give to me.

She said let me get you a manager. Of course then I was on hold for 30 minutes with no answer.

Horrible! Horrible!

Monetary Loss: $50.

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Fort Smith, Arkansas, United States #951246

written checks at wallmart for 20 yrs. Never had a returned check.

Twice this month telecheck has declined my check.

Good by wallmart! I don't need anymore humiliation.

Cincinnati, Ohio, United States #819420

You are an ***. Walmart has absolutely no ability to help you with getting a human operator at Telecheck.

They are two completely different companies.

The only way to get the phone number to Telecheck is to have a check declined and that little slip with the number prints at the register. Walmart associates are completely divorced from the Telecheck process and both companies want it that way!

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