At the local Walmart, a $28 check was declined. My account balance was over $4,000.

Now an Amazon.com order for $4.95 was declined, with over a $3,000 balance. I have never overdrawn, or had any other problems with my checking account. At both instances, I used my checking account debit card with no problems. Their customer service is next to impossible to navigate (voice computer), and I really don't know what is going on.

I am now nervous to submit a check (paper or electronic) for payment anywhere, because of the humiliation and embarrassment, and delay in items being shipped out online when payment is declined for Telecheck's incompetence. My credit score is very high, no past problems, and really believe these people should be held liable for their inaccurate actions.

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Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #649698

Does this become an issue with the store? There are lot of these check processing companies out there. It may be best to shop at the same places.

Los Angeles, California, United States #643343

It could be that Telecheck's system correctly or mistakenly detected fraud. Contact your bank right away and let them handle. The bank is the best way to deal with the company instead of you trying to do it as a consumer.

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