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wrote check which was declined. called the number, told just have the clerk at the store call them they would ok it.

nothing out standing, not my bank i was out of there perimeters what the heck is that. they told me i can write checks but they will evaluate each one i write. i am 73 years old and have never had to have someone evaluate me this is absolutely ***.

and very embrassing. i called my bank and they clain there is nothing they can do and have no phone number to get a real person so now i have to go through this every time

Monetary Loss: $46.

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Conway, South Carolina, United States #600211

I have had problems with this company more times than once. I wish I knew how to put them out of business for good.

My check got declined at a grocery store and I called this morning and was given the reason was because my last few checks were in the 200's (the bank had printed me some tempory checks because I had run out without realizing it and these were used until I got my ordered checks in the mail) and the one I was using this morning was in the 2600's; got disconnected and when I called back they gave me a totally different reason for it being declined-said I had had too much activity over the last few days--however it has been 3-4 days since the last check was written! Then I was "advised" not to try to write a check to any store that used them for the next 7 days---WTF is that?

I think any store that uses them should quit using them and put them out of business---they decline checks on a whim and not because you have outstanding bad checks---I have none!!!!! If anyone out there figures out a way to sue them or put them out of business once and for all---I AM IN!!!!!!

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