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Think about it, every time a Home Depot or other store customer that uses TeleCheck, stands in line for 20 or 30 minutes just to be told they cannot use a personal or business check, the only other option is a credit card. So they use their credit card instead of the money they actually have in the bank, they pay interest and fees.

Just the thing we are told not to do in these times we are forced to do unless we pack our pockets with enough cash ahead of time, just in case it's the day TeleCheck declines our checks.

Come on, there is something more going on here. These days it's not hard for verification services to instantly check funds availability, and instantly credit the store with those funds. So why use a service that collects, compiles, and does almost anything they want with our personal and financial information.

My life and finances aren't mine anymore. Who is REALLY stealing our identity?

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Diane, you are very misinformed!!!! I am 64 have over $5,000.00 in my checking account, do not owe one cent on any of my credit cards, home and property all paid for.

Gave a check to my niece to pick up some tile at Home Depot, and my check was denied. What a shocker!!!! Used that account in November of 2011 to pay cash for a new 2012 Dodge Ram truck. Have never in my life wrote a bad check, pay no interest on my credit cards,and have A+ credit rating.

And you think they know what they are doing. Home Depot just lost the customer who paid cash $2,900.00 for a new washer and dryer.

Something is going on here. Why would I give this company info, if my bank doesn't????


Here's my complaint, and I can only accuse Tele

Check for the incompetence, as I don't know where else to go. I realize NOW, that Home Depot Credit Services, is actually a Citibank card.

However, when I made my Home Depot Credit Card payment at the store, they run my check through. How is it that 2 weeks later, when the check hasn't cleared my bank and I start getting calls from citibank about my payment and that my check was returned for "closed account." I go to my bank they pull up the check number and come to find out, my checking account number was wrong. Now it is CORRECT on my check, how and why did it get inputted incorrectly? They've done this twice to me, resulting in late fees and additional interest.

Home Depot and Citibank have been very kind and understanding, but how on earth does this happen? I have spent hours on the phone and at the bank trying to understand it. So I'm finally referred to TeleCheck...........HA!! what a joke, there is no one to answer....it's incredibly frustrating.

So much so that I have cancelled my HD credit card. Never again.


Hey @diane, notice the damage control going on here? Every time there is a complaint (on a complaint site) there is some robo rebuttle.


How, exactly are they "forced" to use their credit cards? They could go get cash, use a debit card, or simply not make the purchase at that time. This is especially tru for anyone who has previously had a check declined at an establishment using Tele-check.


@diane, you are incorrect. I have over 3500.00 in my bank account and tried to make a large purchase at Best Buy.

I knew that my daily debit card limit is 1400.00 so I chose to write a check for my purchase. Telecheck denied my purchase because they "do not have any checkwriting history on me" per their computerized message. Obviously I have no hot checks or they would have a check writing history on me. I work in the hot check department of the DA's office in the county in which I live.

If I had hot checks, I would not have a job. Telecheck is a scam that society has bought into for the last 40 years and the people that own telecheck are making a bundle. With today's technology, each debit/check should be verified by the merchant using a service that immediately accesses the persons account to make sure they have money to cover the purchase.

Telecheck does not do this but people think that they do hence the scam. This experience was completely embarrassing and disappointing that society has found it acceptable to allow companies to deny access to a persons' own money.


i don't know if its telecheck some of these stores can be sneaky about how they do things. i would contact home depot if you frequently shop there to see if you have a credit account in house.

it may seem dumb because it is so archaic.

because we upgraded to electronic communications and online approvals. but they may have information about you stored and may just need to see your identification.


re-read #3.

If I was a credit card company, I would love faulty verification services. And, if I was a verification service I would love all the money I was making when my clients think they are being protected from all those thousands of bad check writers.

Wow TeleCheck MUST be doing a good job? Right?


TeleCheck makes mistakes. I have seen many complaints from people who never wrote a bad cheque.

However, to say they decline people in order to make them use a credit card makes no sense. I use a card sometimes when I make a large purchase, say over a grand, in order to not pay out most of the cash in my wallet and also to get the 30 days grace to pay it.

I always pay the balance off(never have paid interest on anything)each month so it would work to my advantage. I think perhaps ronsbulldozing has had a problem in the past and it caught up with him at HomeDepot


My company uses telecheck everyday. Most of the time when the consumers are "forced" to use a credit card when telecheck declines them is because they have already abused their check writing priveledges. Alot of the credit card companies really don't "love it" because there's a good chance the declined check writers are not going to pay their credit card bills reliably.


I said credit card companies love it when consumers are forced to use a credit card when they don't need to. Consumers are launching thousands of complaints for many of the same reasons.

Consumers are not users of TeleCheck, they are victims of a faulty verification service. Obviously.


When you get declined by telecheck, it's not to try to get you to use a credit card. It's because you have had a return check somewhere.

Most of the time it's because the check hasn't been paid.

They don't know whether or not you have a credit card. They don't make any money when you decide to use a card.


tele check is excellent technology but it must be supported by high use advertisement and understanding especially new users

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