Herndon, Virginia
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I am starting a count of businesses using TeleCheck so I know who to NEVER do business with again. WalMart, Best Buy, CVS, Office Max... add to it! They denied a check at Walmart because it was a new account (but had taken 6 other checks from me), then denied a check at Office Max because there was a declined check w/in the last 6 days. I am a business myself and can't write checks for the next 7 days to "clean up" my record but they need me to write MORE checks to have a good record?

How can I NOT write checks to clean up the "no problem" account but then WRITE checks to have a good check writing history? That doesn't compute! They said to write checks with "solid checking" and so I asked who those stores might be....they couldn't/wouldn't give me an answer. I am a business and need to write checks -- I work on a cash basis so I have the money.

I would love to figure out a way to bring this company down -- they have TOO much power and destroy good check writers!

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Why are you using checks...ever heard of a debit card?


have fun never shopping again


I agree 100%. I hate telecheck they decline even if you have the money especially wal-mart.

I would shop else where but it seems that almost everyone uses telecheck so what is a person suppose to do. This company *** and needs to be brought DOWN!!!!

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