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I write checks as it is a good way to back up what I spend....and you don't like Debit cards I went through this before with Wal-mart as I go in there sometimes everyday! They told me on Tele-check I was writing too many checks, so I explained and they put a note on my account, and never had another problem...until now!

I had a code 3...doesn't meet the standard and I believe the girl, it was hard to understand her...said that I had a low number on checks (never mind it is in the 12,000's...and they needed to update and it would be fine, but after writing 2 checks to Sam's Club on Sunday, and wrote one to Wal-mart on Monday, my Wal-mart check was refused! I had to call and it took several minutes while the whole store saw, and I had a a good amount of groceries, and then the girl said go back through. This is embarrassing seeing I have written Wal-mart gozillions of checks over the years!

Shouldn't they know me by now!!! It always is a problem at Wal-mart and not other places.

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Simple: two choices: avoid Wal-mart

2) use a credit card

BTW, any store using Telecheck will give you the same result.

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