I tried to use my check at Walmart and was denied.I have no bad checks out.

I usually use my debit card but decided to use my check. I was embarrassed that my check was denied because you know the people in line were thinking I was a bad check writer. I had the funds in my account and used my debit. The point is that Telecheck should NOT have the right to say which type of payment I use to purchase something.

It is my right to chose what I want and NOT be embarrassed by something that isn't my fault. Too bad we can't sue for defamation or something.

They should be reported to the BBC.Think I may just do that.

Monetary Loss: $56.


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When a check that dose not have any fund's do you write or stamp anything on the check to show that it was no good

Dallas, Texas, United States #1246962

I was denied at Best Buy and Walmart, and that is very much EMBARRASSING because it makes the the person checking you ou tit makes them think your just trying to get by o a check and their thinking youo have no minet there when you do!I AGREE

that they do not have the RIGHT TO TELL ME HOW TO PURCH AND MERCHANDISE THAT I HAVE MONEY FOR, if i don't want to use my debit nor credit card or cash DAMMIT!

I should be able to usr a *** check if I want to.

I worked for it so no one has the right to tell me how I should spend or purchase anything, DAMMIT!TOTTALY PISSED TO THE 100TH DEGREE!!!!!!

Durham, North Carolina, United States #1246925

This is the EXACT thing that's happened to me!I called my bank who stated they have nothing to do with telecheck.

I am really upset these people are denying my purchase by check when I have done NOTHING to warrant treatment like I write bad checks!!PISSED OFF!!

West Liberty, Kentucky, United States #1207748

This happen to me today.I used a check last night at walmart given the check was for a smaller amount than todays check.

It was declined. She ran it twice. This is crazy. I believe i would rather drive 50 miles away and shop at Target or Meijers.

I usually use my debit card, but lost it and am waiting for a new one in the mail.

My mother in law has problems with walmart just about everytime she shops there and writes a check.Something has to give or they are loosing my business.

Lake Village, Arkansas, United States #1181655

I tried to write a check at Walgreens and Telecheck declined it.When I called to find out why, they said it was because I have written too many checks to Walgreen’s, even though they have always approved them up until now and they admitted they could see that I had never written a bad check.

The person I talked to said that now since I have been declined, I may be declined again…..even though I have money in the bank to cover my purchases and I’ve never been declined before. Their only reason is because I’ve written too many (all approved) checks …and now I will have THIS in my Telecheck “history”.

Even though it may be difficult, I will only shop places who DO NOT employ Telecheck.Ridiculous.

Amy Fox, Texas


Whoever that anon is down there is a total dumb*** you have every right to use the payment type you want. Thinking that we all need to start an anti-telecheck movement and boycott businesses that use their company.

Manassas, Virginia, United States #665000

It's 2013!if you usually use your debit card, then why didn't you?

You must be trying to cover something up, if you would rather stand there, write up the check, hold up the line up, when you could have swiped & go without being embarrassed.

You must have done something in the past for Telecheck to give it a reason 2, code 3.IJS :?

to Anonymous Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States #723354

I see why you logged in as Anonymous I would too with a dumb answer as yours. People have the right to use whatever payment method they want, she could have lost or misplaced her debit card, what grand cover up is that..you have a screw loose dude...

to Anonymous #734958

Not everyone is trying to hide some thing or done some thing wrong when there check is declined. I would have used my card if the bank had of mailed it as they said!

to Anonymous #1172005

Some people don't have debit cards because they expire.I drive truck and rarely get to pick up my mail.

Don't be so rude or ignorant.

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