Weirton, West Virginia

This weekend I was trying to purchase items that I needed for my business and some things for pleasure. I had gotten my income taxes and lost my debit card.

On three occasions in less than a week you company denied me access to my money that I worked very hard for. The range was from $24 to $2200. I am very unhappy. I bought gas for $25 and could not access any of my funds to pay.

This is very embarrassing and demeaning to those of us that work hard and have to in turn count out pennies because your automated system makes decisions about MY money. I did call and talk to a representative to verify information only to find out that there is an unwillingness to help even though we are given phone numbers to call. Your company is very unprofessional. Once you are verified by you bank you can get things resolved over the phone at that time.

Your company should do this so that people can have access to their money. I work from home and this ordeal has cost me 2 days of work.

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Urmom, you shouldn't be allowed to post on this site. You are making personal attacks on people who are validly pissed at a company who is causing them extreme embarrassment and loss of valuable time by denying them access to their funds to pay for merchandise. You have the right to use the legal method of payment of your choice, and so do they.


The bank does not just hand out debit cards because you "lost one" so shut up Urmom. Telecheck does not have the right to deny use of our money just because they are biased and bigoted.

Why don't you get off your trip of calling check writers 'scammers'. We are honest, upstanding citizens of America and we have every right to spend our money the way we do without some *** company saying we can't spend money they have no knowledge of.

They can't just deny our checks because of "risk factors", if we have the money for the transaction, then we have it and we should be able to pay for our items whichever way we please. So thank you for your rude comments, they are not needed :)


This is your fault. You could have gotten a temporary debit card from the bank on the same day.

Most retailers won't even take checks any more. And when they do - they just scan them anyway and telecheck does the work. Telecheck is under no legal responsibility to help you gain access to your checking account balance at the bank.

You also could have gone to the bank to get cash.

You are just a bunch of scammers trying to cash fake checks. And they stopped you, good for them.

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