Elmhurst, Illinois

Was caught up in Target security breach and have my debit and credit cards closed and am waiting for replacements. Wrote 4 checks total today Christmas shopping.

Went to Meijer and Telecheck declined my check. I asked why and after 20 minutes on phone with Telecheck they said I wrote more checks than normal. I said I only wrote 4. They said that was alot for me.

I explained I was caught up in Target fiasco and am waiting for replacement cards. They basically said sucks to be you. I explained I couldn't be the only person out of 40 million affected with this problem. Furthermore since I was declined Telecheck would not approve any checks for 6 days.

I said you declined my check and now your holding me hostage for 6 more days? You have got to be kidding me. I demanded to speak to a supervisor.Still nothing.

I asked to talk to Miejer manager and asked to speak with Telecheck supervisor. After 1 hour on phone I finally got someone at Telecheck to call Bank of America on a 3-way call and verify I had funds to pay and approve my check.

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