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tried to make a payment on my cell bill only to have it denied by Telecheck for lack of history. I have used checks to pay bills with the same account for yrs..spent 6 hrs and spoke with 5 different reps, even had a conference call between my phone company and Telecheck only to get nowhere.

the phone company Rep was even appalled and confused as to the reason of their actions..

all they told me was to write smaller checks to get more history or use a different method of payment. what the *** gives these ppl the right to say i can't pay my bills with MY money from MY account just because they don't know who i am..

Monetary Loss: $116.

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BINGO !!!!! Who and what gives this company the right to make these decisions.

A third party making calls on how you can spend your money? An organization that can simply stop the public from making transactions with their personal finances without making any bank verification of available funds?

Is there a good lawyer out there that can take on this monster company that is taking over and destroying the life of common people?

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