Sam's Club did not accept my check because of TeleCheck. "Reason: 02 1-866-941-xxxx/CODE 3". I barely had enough cash to purchase the items after the cashier could not get approval on my $200 check.

I called Telecheck as soon as I got home. They said the denial was because my "pattern of use" and "lack of history" failed their approval guidelines. I usually pay cash, except at Sam's or Costco, so not using checks often means you CAN'T use checks. That's not credit approval, that's denial of service.

I could not use my check SIMPLY because I don't use checks often! My driver's license was valid, my address was good, we have no bad checks showing, etc. We have started paying recurring bills electronically, so fewer checks are being written on this account now.

Other people have been denied because of writing TOO many checks, we were denied because of too FEW. How is this "credit approval" or "identity verification"?

Most (all?) of the complaints about TeleCheck cite Sam's Club or Walmart. Have the Walmart financial guys imposed extra rules or does TeleCheck deny customers everywhere based on their ridiculous and foolishly simplistic rules?

Read this article about Walmart and you'll see how their "lower costs above all" attitude is turning customers away. http://business.time.com/2013/04/09/the-trouble-lu

I know that Costco will see me more as I avoid Sam's Club from now on. If you don't want my check, you don't want my business - my rules can be just as simple and self-serving as TeleCheck's.

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Same thing has just happen to me. I had a stolen check and closed the account, thinking as soon as your check goes thru the register it comes out of your bank account.

When I closed the account being it takes 4 or more days for Telecheck to receive their funds, that Sams check in their minds was insufficient funds . Opened new account and paid recovery service for the check that could not go thru and thought all was well. Not the case, Sams OK'd one check but Walmart check was declined. Wher do you turn to get this straightened out???????

Never in my life wrote a bad check and I'm having a hard time spending my own money due to record keeping on someone elses part. Hope the person who stole my first check has a better time at cashing checks!!!!!!!!!!!!

Richardson, Texas, United States #746995

This is to JOHN-Steward and Laura in case you are not aware.This site is for "Complaints" and Not BS like you are trying to pass off on other people.Good try thought.I hope he or She paid you well.


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to Laura #974560

I was denied by Tele Check to cash my daughter's check for 17.87. My daughter is mentally handicapped and I as her mother am her Representative payee.

It states this at the right hand corner of her check. I have never had a problem before and it is quite an embarrassment to anyone to which this happens. I was told that I would have to call them from Customer Service since I didn't have my cell phone. I answered all of the questions, drivers license no.

check router no etc. and the lady said she had unblocked my daughter's account and to run the check back through. We did, still rejected. so I wrote another check, rejected again.

I ended up just paying in cash the small amount.

Don't they owe me an explanation for this mistake? I was delayed with my groceries that needed to be refrigerated for quite some time.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #637590

The reason that Telecheck refuses most checks is because there is something in the pattern of use that gives them reason to suspect identity theft. I learned this one day, when I googled them.

Columbia, South Carolina, United States #637558

Interesting. I pay cash most of the time, too.

In your situation, I would have just left the stuff at the register and walked out.

But, that is me. I don't shop at WalMart, but would have done the same in any store.

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