Dallas, Texas
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I go to purchase a new TV at Walmart in the amount of 1,794.64 on labor day,,,due to my bank debit card limit of 1,000.00 per day, I had to write. I was declined by Telecheck due to my check writing history.

That is due to me NEVER writing a check so I am penalized and declined and EMBARRASSED. I called telecheck while in the store and they said that the only way that they can approve my check to go thru is to call and verify the funds with my bank. agin this happen on Labor day so all the banks were closed. I was so mad at the supervisor that I spoke to she was NO help at all.

I ask if I go write a 50.00 check somewhere will I be declined she said well you can try? REALLY what an answer for a customer service rep to say. How can I get out of the loop of telecheck to not worry about my check writing history.

That is none of their business?????? VERY PISSED LADY

Monetary Loss: $1800.

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San Antonio, Texas, United States #744832

I tried to use a check yesterday at Walmart and had same thing happen. I rarely write checks for anything but had just left hair salon and forgot credit card at Salon.

Had a cart with loads of groceries and was at least relieved that I had check book in my purse. I think because I rarely write checks, especially at Walmart, it was declined. Very embarrassing especially since I had more than sufficient funds in my account and shop at this Walmart very regularly. I had to use my debit card which we never use because of the potential for identity theft and its immediate effects to your credit and account.

Am definitely pissed because we shop her so much.

Must say I was very tempted to leave cart full of groceries but why punish the clerk for the stores *** policies.

Vancouver, Washington, United States #712727

So if you understand, why are you complaining?

Davidson, North Carolina, United States #712074

my comment to the anonymous comment below. Thank you for trying help me understand however I don't need all of that BS.

I am in the banking industry and have been for 38 years now and I know all about scammers and fraud, it is an everday occurance. Tell your story to the scammers not to a person that knows.

Troutdale, Oregon, United States #711829

Wal-Mart purchases Check Guarantee from TeleCheck, which is to say TeleCheck just pays Wal-Mart the face value of every check they approve, period. If it bounces, TeleCheck is on the hook to collect it or lose the money. If you have no history, really, how do they know they can trust you for nearly $2000? Certainly, you sound unfortunately similar to the person probably in the next line who has a fake account and ID and is trying to scam everybody (I know you are not, but really, tons of people do, it's big business). If you don't like the effect guarantee has on TeleCheck's ability to approve and guarantee a check, then Wal-Mart is actually the problem, as they choose to use that instead of simple Check Verification (no guarantee). Wal-Mart can also choose, if they want, to take your check anyhow, it just would not be guaranteed. Their choice, not TeleCheck's. If you go to a store that does only verification and not guarantee, you can get approved for a small check and begin building history, but don't expect large checks like this to clear on guarantee until you build a good bit more history, just to be honest with you.

What you have to understand is that LOTS of people write fraudulent checks at Wal-Mart. Not people who are just short (that's a lot too though), but people who are usually with organized crime, stealing identities and trying to pass bad checks. It's big, organized, ugly, mafia business tied in with illicit drugs, the whole bit. And you guess whether the police care at all ;)

I hope this helps you understand the problem a bit better. You are faced with a problem similar to someone with no credit history wanting a new card or new loan and that happens to all of us. We get debit cards, prepaid credit cards, in-store credit cards, we get a checking account. We make charges and write checks to build a history. You should start, if you have not already. You'll need a good history soon enough.

to Anonymous Puyallup, Washington, United States #734499

I don't care!!! what guarantees this anti-American hating so-call check verification company reasons are period.

When I walk out of my credit union that I've been doing business with for over 20 years in tears!!! something is very, very wrong. I know my credit score pretty much has been just below 600. So every once in awhile, I apply for credit just to see where my score is at.

But this day I applied for a new product called similar to a payday loan. Never did the service rep I was dealing with mentioned telecheck was to be a factor in granting me a 45-day loan for $300. So when she told me at the bank that I was denied I was cool with that at first, until she handed me some papers stating this credit firm's reason and at first I thought it was a joke! I've never been so humiliated when I saw a score of 311.

I thanked her for her help walked out the door got in my car and called their 1-800-number on my cell and waited, and waited, and waited for over ten minutes before giving up. Then the bank rep called me to say she thought she had explained how this product worked but by now I couldn't speak I was so upset & disappointed beyond belief and pretty much hanged up on her and broke into tears driving all the way home crying cause it was like a punch in the gut or a slap in the face knowing there isn't anything you can do.

It's just their word against yours, case closed. Now I plan on closing my accounts with this bank & refer everyone to avoid dealing with companies who uses this un-Godly, anti-American service.

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