Bloomfield, Indiana

In April 2014 I did my weekly grocery shopping at our local Wal-Mart Super Center. Despite having sufficient funds in our bank account, Wal-Mart declined my check at the register.

I had them try to re-run my check again, to which it also declined and they printed off a receipt from TeleCheck to call their number. I was humiliated in front of my own sons and other customers, then had to walk away from my entire cart full of groceries. Upon arriving home, I called the hotline, only to be given the run-around and not able to actually speak with a person regarding this matter. My husband then called the hotline when he came home from work; he was able to somehow speak with an individual who stated they "didn't know why" our check was declined!

In July 2014 the exact same thing happened to me again (despite using checks from the exact same account previous to this). TeleCheck is a complete joke.

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Newark, Delaware, United States #844349

I had the exact same problem today at food lion. Had to use my emergency savings for groceries.

Three denied checks, and the only answer I get from them is that I don't have enough history with them so I have to write more checks....How can I write more checks if they keep getting denied?! I despise the company and their lack of initiative to reduce customer complaints.


It is 2014, who even writes checks anymore unless it is to pay your electricity bill or to pay for your rent. Stop living in the 80s and get in with the 21st century

to Anonymous #843666

Who are you, you punk, to dictate to anyone about whether or not to use checks?! You must work for and are being paid by Telecheck to write such a ridiculous comment.

"Stop living in the 80's"? Apparently, you are so involved in your own little computer world, that you're still living in your mommy's basement and unaware that checks are still considered LEGAL tender in this country. Why don't you get a real job?

Oh, that's right, that would mean you'd have to be responsible.

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