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I am in my 70's and have never had a check declined, I felt awful! I proceeded to my bank to find out what was wrong....nothing was wrong on my end.

Bank said they had other customer's that experienced the same issue. There is nothing you can do and I was stressed and embarrassed! I live in a small town so we only have rite aid...if I had an option, I would take my business elsewhere. This happened to me November 20, 2017 I did not bother to call telecheck as it states "they" did not decide to decline my check.

There is no accountability with this company. A person should be given a valid reason for their check being declined!!

Review about: Telecheck Check Payment Processing Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I didn't like: Declined a good check.

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I am in my 70's also and have not written a check in a store for over 40 years. No negative from that.

Use cash or a credit card. You cannot fix Telecheck.


customer = singular

customers - plural.

Never in the English language is an apostrophe used to form a plural.

One of the few ironclad rules with no exception.

Try cash instead of some dumb third party racket or use a local bank.

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