I tried to purchase a water heater from Home Depot because my water heater broke down and was leaking every where. I wrote a check for about 375 dollars and was declined.

Telecheck Declined my check because of insufficient history. I had more than 5 thousand dollars in that account. I have never bounced a check. The account had been open for about 2 years.

I wright at least 2 checks a month from that account. They said it was not based on my credit history or the amount of money in my account. They said they have no history of me in their system. They checked my license and every thing checked out.

The next day I went to speak to my bank. They should me the telecheck application that was submitted when they opened up my account. They told me that Telecheck had all of my information. They were willing to help me by speaking to telecheck to make sure that this did not happen again.

But Telecheck was not interested in speaking with my bank. Telecheck said they can not assure me that this will not happen again. They recommended that I start writing small checks through telecheck to build my history. First of all how do I know who is using telecheck?

They are a third party service provider. I did not choose to do business with them I chose to do business with Home Depot. I have written several check that were processed electronically and had no problems. I assume they used a different check processing company.

So I am choosing to do the only thing I have control over, not to do business with Home Depot as long as they do business with Telecheck.

Monetary Loss: $375.

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Lafayette, Louisiana, United States #1244605

For the second time I was humiliated in public because Tele Check declined my check at Home Depot. I had enough funds for my check to clear many times over and have never had a problem with a check.

Their EXCUSE. I don' t write enough checks.

They know this has been a problem for years but REFUSE to correct it.


Tele Check is costing it'S merchant customers a lot of sales and restocking costs.


Do you honestly think "HOME DEPOT"Would care if you did not do business with them?If this same thing happen at another store outside of "HOME DEPOT"Are you going to stop doing business with them also?"YOU ARE A ***,FOR REAL.

to Anonymous #681386

"Do you honestly think "HOME DEPOT"Would care if you did not do business with them?"

Uhhh ... sure they would!

If it was multiplied by the many! But, of course, we have too many people that complain and take it out over the phone with Telecheck, while defeated going back to using their check/ credit card (flocks of sheeple), or you have those who file a complaint lawsuit with their state attorney general's office, with the F.T.C., the B.B.B., and Contact your local news agency ...which can MAKE A DIFFERENCE! Then there are those who make fun of those check writers and tell them to stop crying and just use their check/ credit cards?! When in reality these check/ credit card advocates are brainwashed sheeple themselves!

Stop shopping at Telecheck controlled, merchant businesses and file complaints people!

Make some REAL noise!

to Anonymous #941685

You sound like a total loser that didn't even graduate high school. You hate everybody else because you have to work the night shift at the Waffle House.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #637811

The main reason Telecheck denies checks is if they suspect identity theft. The fact that you only write a few checks a month could raise a red flag.

That being said, you might have a hard time finding businesses that don't use Telecheck or another company called Ceregy,or something like that. You do have another choice you could obtain a debit card for that account.

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