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On Friday December 18th 2009, I attempted to pay one of my wholesale venders with a Company check as I have done every week for the last 5 years, nearly $500,000 in checks written to this vendor in the time frame and never any issue EVER! On this morning I had the Check as I do every week to the cashier and she proceeded to process my order paperwork as normal, the check was for my purchases of $1702.00 she then run my check through a device which was a new step in the process and handed it back to me stating that it had been denied, I asked why she state that Telecheck services had denied it, I asked again for a reason and she stated she did not know, the system told her it was a CODE 3 denial and that if I wanted more information to call an 800 she handed me, she also stated that if your checks were denied that it was a new company policy that you would have to pay in cash in order to continue doing business with this company.

I was floored, 5 years of perfect business transactions with this company and because of the Telecheck Denial I was now on the CASH ONLY BLACK LIST. I walked away and went to call Telecheck, once going through the digital screening process this company uses I got a human on the phone, gave "AMY" all the information I had just entered again. She asked me some personal identification questions and then proceed to state that the check had been denied, I stated that I was aware of this and wanted to know why, she then put me on hold for 4 minutes 41 seconds and came back and stated it was a code 3 denial, I again stated I know that, What is a Code 3 denial, again put on hold and she came back on within a minute and stated that I / My Company had no history with Telecheck therefore any merchant using there services would deny my checks. I asked what was meant by no history, your checks have never been presented to a merchant that used our service therefore your checks a deemed as a HIGH RISK, mind you I have written over 400 checks to this vender and never had any issues but NOW because of Telecheck I am a HIGH RISK CUSTOMER, I asked for a manager or superviser, typically was told that there were none available, asked again or for their Legal Dept.

That got a response, I was told that if I wanted to talk to their legal Dept. I would have to write to a PO Box and wait for a response, I said if that is the case I wanted the address and a customer service or complaint address form anything, I was promptly told that I were considering legal action that I would never be able to cash a check again with any merchant, WRONG ANSWER, I immediately felt as if this was an attempt to threaten me, my company and to BLACK BALL ME in fear of the fact that I might proceed legally in pursuit of this issue. Needless to say after 48 minutes of RING AROUND THE ROSIE with this individual I hang up STEAMING and went back to the VENDOR asked for the Sales Manager that has handled our account for 5 years explained this whole ordeal to him, he called their finance mgr., explained the whole ordeal again, he thought it was interesting and on the sales managers word that I was a good customer and an honest individual with a long standing history with CARGO LARGO / Recovery Services, that they would make an exception and accept my check for the purchases. Fact of the matter is that I was so wound up, embaressed and Insulted by the whole situation that I walked out side and decided that if I were going to be treated by Cargo Largo / Telecheck Services like I had been that morning that I would just go home (284 miles) with an empty truck and not spend my money with a merchant that had been that insensative to a long standing and I hope valued customer.

Bottom line is I am contacting our attorney to find out what avenues can be pursued in this matter. As for CARGO LARGO, I will continue to do business with them BUT IT WILL ONLY be after recieving a formal apology in person and in writing from someone in their management team. The fact that they would allow a long standing customer, in good standing be subjected to this much frustration by turning over control of their Brains to an outside service that KNOWS NOTHING ABOUT THEIR customers makes me realize that there must be some REAL issues with the management of CARGO LARGO. I do want to thank the sales manager and finance manager for at least be sensible enough to look at this situation and make the offer that they did, non the less it is something that CARGO LARGO should have considered long before signing on with TELECHECK , I can promise you my company and retail outlet will never use thier services, because (1) I trust my customers that have done business with us and (2) I won't give control of the reputation of my company and that of my valued customers to some electronically controlled, robot managed service like TELECHECK.

If I did I wouldn't expect to be in business very long.

Just a side note, at the time tha check was presented the account that it was written on and was the same one I have used for every transaction with CARGO LARGO had a balance of $8755 available.

Again TELECHECK did not care about the BALANCE in the account only based their recommendation on the fact THAT I / MY COMPANY had no History with theirs.

My Name Is David Rietter, I own Usoldwhat! Enterprises in Centerville Iowa and can be reached by anyone who has productive information or is involved in any kind of Class Action against Telecheck that I can be of support to at 641-216-3440.

Product or Service Mentioned: Telecheck Cashing.

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Well D Pack, anyone who wnats to write one has the right so GET OVER IT!! And Diggin for Old Gold, sounds like you don't know a whole lot.

ANYONE can write a check w/great credit history & be denied. Sounds like you need to go to Telecheks tells you that there.


Just an update on our telecheck apology. Well you might guess, it was a form letter.

But here's the clincher that this company is not above board. They didn't even have my name or address correct. Now how is a company(Telecheck) helping merchants make sound financial decisions when they don't even know who is writing checks? They supposedly are making judgement calls about my financial ability to write checks and they DON'T EVEN KNOW MY NAME?????

I think it's time that someone check into this company. Would like to hear any response to this post.


We had a check declined at our local grocery store today. Now I have been writing checks there for 10+ years and having this check declined was humiliating. The Clerk knew us, so she had us write it out and accepted it. When I contacted Telecheck, all the girl could say was, "I'm so sorry". I told her she wasn't sorry and it wasn't her fault, but that her company's policies were BS. I demanded an apology letter and I wanted copies of their so called guidelines. Her reply was I could find the guidelines on line, WRONG! No where on their site is a list of guidelines. She is suppose to be sending an apology letter, we'll see. The reason I asked for apology letter is we live in a small town, and everyone knows everyone and their business. So you can imagine the embarrassement. If and when I receive the apology letter I will be contacting Houston. Isn't it funny that the Canada branch has email, but the Houston office you have to write snail mail???? I just dread thinking that from now on when I write a check that I will have to go through the same thing. DEBIT CARD, I have a husband that can't keep track of ATM transactions, can you imagine what he would do with a Debit Card? Besides you still have to pay some bills with checks.

I'm going to pursue this matter to the bitter end. I agree with everyone that has stopped shopping at merchants that use Telecheck. I can just imagine who and what is attached to my account.

Oh by the way I received a code 6, supposedly a high risk check writer. I have had my checking account for 12 years or so and in the 5000's for numbers. Haven't seen that code on anyone elses comments.


If you are indeed from cargo largo, I hope your "policy" is to sever all ties with Telecheck and resume thinking for yourselves. Declining the check of a longstanding customer just because some machine told you he is now a risk is moronic, and I hope your competition eats your lunch.


I never heard of Telecheck until today. I don’t usually write checks, from the checkbook I was using, in stores.

Today I wrote 2. The first one, presented at Wal-Mart in Manville, was accepted. The second, presented at K-Mart in Somerset was denied. I didn’t even know a check could be denied.

My purchase totalled approx. $240.00, I had $7000.00 in the account, I had all the proper identification, but it was no good. I was furious. I called Telecheck, while still standing at the checkout, in order to rectify the problem.

Afer much hassle and much waiting I finally reached a real person. She explained that my check had been denied because my check numbers were out of sequence. That’s right. Somehow I had accidentally skipped a check, and went back to it today.

My check was denied because I had written out check # 1404 AFTER I had written check # 1407, and that put the transaction at high risk for fraud. I explained that there was no fraud, it was my account, in my name, with plenty of money in it, and that I had the proper photo ID, so how could there be a fraud? Unbelievable. So I asked that the next check that I write be approved, because I had a basket full of merchandise that I needed to pay for, and she couldn’t guarantee that the 2nd one would be accepted – and it wasn’t!

Unfortunately it is a holiday weekend so I have to be patient, but I can’t wait to get to my bank on Tuesday and see what they have to say about this. I will be requesting a debit card for this account to use in the future, and I will be advising retailers from now on that when they say “Yes, we accept checks”, that they should also add “IF Telecheck decides to approve it, but you won’t know whether they will or won’t until after you’ve done all your shopping.” From what I’ve read online in just the past ½ hour, I realize that this is becoming a common problem with Telecheck. There are tons of complaints about them.

It’s just another case of yet another company/agency playing God with people’s lives and people’s reputations. Unfortunately, I’m sure things will only get worse.


:roll i have just been contacted by tele-check company saying i owe them for 2 checks written 4 years ago...i have asked over and over for copies before i pay anything and they just keep saying they will talk to their attorney and let us know if they can do that. I am not paying anything till they prove that it was my check..I have no check writing privileges anywhare now..this company sucks so bad. How can they just do this to people?


Do you people still not get it? Checks are a total hassle and so outdated.

Stop slowing the rest of us down at the checkout and join this century by getting a debit card. There is no hocus pocus and they are safer than checks anyway, Granny.


Sounds like you are not telling the whole story. Seems like you are blaming others for your lack o' cash.

Why is it when someone complains they are a perfect upright individual and "never" do anything wrong..........I am impressed you know how to file a complaint on line, Checks are about as current as tape recorders and zubaz pants.. In the real world we use debit cards.


why do people still use checks when check cards are commonplace now? too much problems with a checkbook, I have never and will never use one


On Jan. 20, Telecheck denied my check of $15.96 at Stop&Shop, a supermarket chain here in the Northeast.

When I called Telecheck to find out why, I had to give them every bit of personal info I have, not once but three times over. I finally asked where I was reaching them, and was told Manila, Philippines. How scary is that! People in a foreign country now have enough personal info on me to do a real number on me.

My bank advised me to close my checking account and open a new one. That I did, but I'm still very nervous about this whole experience. I will never again write a check to anyone that uses Telecheck. Stop&Shop's customer service did nothing but try to justify their use of this service.

I tried contacting our MA attorney general's office, but didn't get very far there either. (Of course, our MA atty.

gen. had been busy running for US Senate...)


I especially liked the response from Cargo Largo -- they just don't get it. I'd love to form a competitive company and go after all their customers.

It seems like it will be pretty easy to do since they have lost the ability to form and maintain relationships. Telecheck is simply a joke of a company in a business that is as relevant as fax machines.

Their busines is at serious risk since millions of people each year have moved away from checks to debit cards etc. In 10 Years, they will be irrelevant (as will most checks) if they haven't gone bankrupt


I wrote a check at Target for a cart full of groceries and was told my check was denied even having more then enough in my checking account to cover the amount of this purchase. I actually went to the customer service desk and used their red phone to call Telecheck.

I spoke with someone at Telecheck that said I was denied because of my zip code!!!! Apparently, more people bounce checks in my zip code than others which puts me at a higher risk in thier eyes. This is a classic case of red lining (discrimination) and I would be happy to join a class action lawsuit!

And I left the whole cart full of groceries right there for them to put back! You can also ask the business to whom you are writing a check ahead of time to find out if they use Telecheck or not so you can avoid these businesses in the future.


I too wrote a check to the grocery store i have been going to for years. they just switched to telecheck.

my check was denied and the store manager and i called then. they couldn't give a reason why the check was denied and couldn't fix their system to make it go through despite the fact that my account had a balance of several thousand dollars.

i asked for a supervisor and told her the story and she said there was nothing she could do and refused to take my phone number and have someone who could fix it call me.


Thank you for bringing your concern to our attention. We have a policy in place in with TeleCheck and we continue to work with them everyday to best serve our customers.

We are glad that we had the opportunity to work directly with Mr. Rietter to resolve this issue.


i too had a check denied by telecheck at a dollar tree and walmart but not only did my bank cash it for then they cashed it twice same check on my bank statement twice tele check said it was denid but at the same time my bank cashed it and then again a week later telle check also charge my account 40.00 fee

after talking to my bank the bak returned my moneny still not sure how they got it though 2 times. thats whats bad about e checks

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