Pottsville, Pennsylvania
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I'm not able to write checks at any of the stores that use telecheck. The information that they have is incorrect.

I requested a copy of a check thay say was written using my license number. I asked for a copy of the check. They said that I would get it. but that was fuor monthes back.

I'm still waiting. I gave them all the information they asked for. But, I still can't write checks.

I didn't have a checking account at the stated bank.

If I really wrote that hot check, how was I able to open an account at a new bank?????

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I wrote a check at sams almost a year ago. Thy didn't enter the numbers correctly.

A month ago they called me and wanted all my bank account info. Looked into it and found them at fault for not entering numbers right.

Now thy have fixed it where I can't write checks at their users! What a load of ....

Clermont, Indiana, United States #27901

I would like NIKE to know just how much in sales they have lost due to Telecheck randomly denying checks. I called their 800 number after getting the "code 3" twice and couldn't get any answer from them as to why I was denied.

First he said I had a "lack of history" then he told me it looked like I was writing one or two checks every day. What a ***! I asked him what the criteria was for overwriting or underwriting checks and he said there was none.

So I can't even determine what it is about my checking account or checkwriting habits that triggers the magic code. I understand that companies need to protect themselves from bad checks but they also need to protect themselves from bad check protection companies!

Bailey, Colorado, United States #15153

Telecheck claims that their services protect their clients by preventing possible fraudulent checks. However, when a consumer cannot use good checks to buy from Telecheck clients due to Telecheck errors and lack of customer service in resolving the errors, it only hurts their clients.

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