Jefferson, Georgia

I went into Autozone to pick up part for husband and my drivers license has been black listed by Telecheck. 9 or 10 years ago I had a check that bounced at Tractor Supply.

I got a notice from Telecheck I needed to pay a small amount I paid it they posted it to a person with the same name. I had to send another money order to them again. They found they money 6 months later and refunded me. I had provided copies of the money orders.

My license number is now on a black list. I have used a check card since then, I would like this resolved.

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Have you resolved this? I may be able to help. I worked for TeleCheck nearly 20 years and most of those years I was in charge of the AutoZone account


Both below are correct. My first choice for paying is Credit Card, second choice is cash, third choice is debit card with PIN.

Some places use debit card only, but my debit card has NO logo for Visa or Mastercard. Writing checks is not really on the list any more and paper checks should NOT be used.


No No No. Never, ever use a debit card!!

They are for foolish people. When you use a debit card the money comes out of your account immediately and if/when you have a problem with the store/merchandise, you play *** trying to get your money back. They already have it. Conversely, with a credit card, you do not have to pay it for approx.

a month and if the charge is wrong, etc. you can dispute the charge. As for writing a cheque, alot of people still do, and I suspect once you are on a blacklist, you will always be on it.

Thus, get a credit card or do like I do---pay cash. What's the difference whether you write a cheque on your account or just take the cash out whenever you need to re-supply your wallet?


If you used a debit card like most people today you wouldn't have to deal with this problem. Most people have updated into the 21st century and use debit cards and not checks now to avoid such hassles. Or better yet don't write any bad checks.

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