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Telecheck is a bogus company with inept business practices!!!!! I have just enrolled my son in college and had to pay for his application with my credit card which is completely unacceptable.

I should not be forced to use my credit card because some bogus inept company decided that my check is not secure. I have never written a bad check EVER. I own my own home, I have an above average income,and am married with three children. I am a professional health care provider and my wife is a registered nurse.

I have never claimed bankruptcy and I ALWAYS pay my bills. My credit rating is excellent and I have a considerable amount of cash in the bank however Telecheck decided that my check for my sons college tuition is no good, this was not only embarrassing but humiliating. This company does not provide any explanation why they will not verify my check. their excuses are ambiguous such as " the check number does not follow the normal check sequence" .

I have never had a problem with any merchants taking my check except those that use telecheck (Auto zone) I could understand Telecheck not verifying my check if I had no money but that is not the case!!!!!I have ample funds to cover my checks.

I will do everything in my power to spread the word that Telecheck is an inept company that should be forced out of business by American consumers. Boycott Telecheck!!!!!!!

Monetary Loss: $1200.

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There is a current consumer class action lawsuit in the state of Tennessee against Telecheck. You may want to look into it.

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