Phoenix, Arizona
Not resolved

Open a bank account in the local bank in Walmart. Mad my deposit and started a payroll deposit.

received my Debit card and life was great. 2-3 months later I received a pamphlet from the back asking if I wanted to open an account for my small business. Wow now I could have all my accounts at same bank. My business account was at B of A.

Took my business info and cashier check from B of A to Open the account. They they ran a Telecredit as they did the first time and came back with a denial. Now I was upset but what happen next really *** me off. They went into the back came out with a paper with website and phone number for telecredit.

What a joke. Then they tell me they will have to close my other account!!! :( . Ask for my debit card and told me that they would mail my money in 3-6 weeks when the are confident that all outstanding checks and debit transaction were clear.

I was thinking how could this be happen!!!??? Order the report and there was nothing there.

Monetary Loss: $135.

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