I called Telecheck in early Feb. to find out why I kept getting denied for bank accounts and credit cards and I was told that I owed $138.43 to Republic Bank for a bad check and that I was to go to the bank directly and pay this off and my financial record would be better.

Well after i paid the bank a couple of weeks later with tax money I called Telecheck to see when it would be taken out of my name and when I could start applying for banks and credit cards and I was told that there was no record of me ever owing Republic Bank in their system and the only thing it showed was where I owed them $21.04 because of the check that bounced. I demanded to talk to a supervisor about this because I was being told that I still owed more money than what Telecheck originally said to me. The supervisor said she couldnt find where I was told this amount since it wasn't in their system, all of a sudden??, and that I needed to give her the reference number that I was given on my first call, which I was not given. So after me complaining and being furious for a little bit the supervisor took down my contact info and said she would look into this and call me back.

That was at least 3 weeks ago and I still have had no call. Im mad becuase I wasn't even told about the $21.04 the first time calling and that they didnt show where I owed Republic Bank $138.43. Its just horrible how their system runs if they are doing things like this to other people.

I feel like I shouldn't even have to pay the $21.04 because I was not originally advised this. All calls are recorded with this company and my first call is on file so they can go back and listen to the entire conversation.

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