Saint Louis, Missouri

Refused my check at a store that I have frequented for 10+ years --REASON was "insufficient history" yet They THEN said TELECHECK HAS no guidelines- there ARE no definitions of "sufficient" history --had NOTHING TO DO with my CHECKING ACCT HISTORY (i.e bounced checks, overdrawn acct etc)--was told t I could write several high-dollar checks & they might be accepted but next $1.00 check COULD BE DENIED for "lack of history"!!!! SO WHY WOULD ANYONE PLAY RUSSIAN ROULETTE risking PUBLIC HUMILIATION FROM a store that MAY/MAY NOT accept CHECKS FOR ANY NUMBER OF UN-DISCLOSED EXCUSES?

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Sacramento, California, United States #574967

I hate TELECHECK and what they do to us honest check writers.

I posted a video about my TELECHECK expereience on youtube. If you'd like to see it, type in "Telecheck Discriminates" on the search bar at the youtube site.




Merchants are in a catch 22 situation. If they take checks, they run the risk of taking bad checks.

If they try to cut their losses from bad checks by using Telecheck, they run the risk of people being denied and getting upset with the merchant. They really cannot win.

Most small merchants will do whatever they can to help you out. Large ones, like WalMart, could care less and tell you "tough."

Best to pay cash or with a credit card.

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