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I opened my checking account for emergencies mainly. My pet had his toe SEVERED so I would qualify that as an emergency.

After getting everything fixed I go to pay the vet bill, but it is denied because they are using TeleCheck. It was more embarrassing than anything, but also upsetting. What if it was a life or death situation? I guess death would be a better option than sitting through the automated 1800 number.

After a long and drawn out process I finally talked to a pleasant but unhelpful person who told me because there is "activity" on my account it was denied. He basically told me as long as I never use my account I would be fine.

After being HUNG UP ON by the supervisor and calling back they said flat out there is nothing I can do or they can do I will never be able to write checks or anything. They almost killed my pet and cost me $250

Monetary Loss: $250.

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TeleCheck is the type of organization our damned government is supposed to be protecting us from....but instead our damned government is too busy telling us what to do instead of serving us. REVOLUTION!

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