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I had called this so called Telecheck company who processes check for merchants and stores all across the United States and I inquired with the CSR if my record and history with them was clear as I wanted to write a check. After being on the phone for at least 15 minutes the CSR had run my Drivers License and informed me there was nothing negative on there records.

Then the CSR ran my Social Security number and again I was told there was nothing negative against me. Finally the CSR had asked me the routing number and account number of the account I wanted to write a check against. Again I was told there was nothing wrong with my check. I knew the whole time there was nothing wrong with my check as on that date I had a balance of about $21,000.00 in my account.

So that night I decided to go food shopping at my local Stop & Shop. I did my food shopping and went to the checkout to pay for my order and the total was about $160.00. I wrote out the check payable to Stop & Shop and gave the cashier my check, (Which was verified earlier in the day by Telecheck) along with my valid drivers license. The cashier ran the scan thru the check scanner they have and I was waiting for my receipt and the cashier informed me there was a problem with my check and they could not accept it.

I was pissed beyond pissed. I still had the number in my phone for Telecheck customer service from when I had called them earlier in the day and I called them right. I got this person on the phone who had about the intelligence of a head of lettuce. I explained to this imbecile that I called earlier in the day and my check was verified and approved.

The imbecile had the gall, nerve and audacity to say to me on the phone, "Sir, your check is completely good, however we can not accept it as you do not have a history with us and you will have to use another form of payment". I in turn replied, "You people verified my check earlier in the day and you informed me I could write a check with no problem and now I am in the store you are telling me you can not accept my check because I don't have a history with you...?. I simply told the imbecile on the phone, "Eat *** And Die...!" and I hung up. I pulled out my debit card to the same bank and it went right thru and I left the store.

Telecheck in my opinion totally suck and also are a bunch of outright liars for sure...! Do not ever believe anything you are told on the phone by them.

Just looking out for you all. Regards.

Monetary Loss: $160.

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