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Another arrogant corporate entity that moves American jobs to the Philippians and still banners it's web site in red white and blue, and the stars and strips.

It's time to let TELECHECK and all the merchants who use this service...Americans will no longer tolerate being disrespected, humiliated,inconvenienced.and treated like chattel just to improve your bottom line!

The criminalization of hard working honest Americans who choose to use a check is now over.

You, American citizen, who are willing wait on hold for ten minutes for the call center staff member to check over all of your financial and personal information. Checking account routing number, checking account number, drivers licensed number, the city and state in which you live and...what a minute, who needs to be suspicious of who in this scenario???

The customer will hear in broken English as merchant staff hovers around whispering to each other "bad check, they declined her check, who's gonna put all this stuff back?"

You'll hear from the foreigner on the other end of the phone, "I'm sorry Miss for your inconvenience, but for no other reason than we don't feel comfortable with the number of checks you've written this week, we declined your invitation to purchase even a stick of gum with our merchant. If you wish to speak to a supervisor they will indeed be as sorry as I am, but you will get no closer to purchasing your desired items or a fore mentioned stick of gum. We are TELECHECK. And we are designed to stand in between you, (the criminal American public) and the merchant who's tired of being ripped off." Mr. Merchant has decided to his valued, hard working, loyal customers should be treated as common criminals. Bad corporate decision.

Loyal customer, shop to your hearts content. Waste valuable time and money getting to my establishment. Strike one more thing off of your to-do list...until the cashier hands you back your check and say, "sorry,but something is seriously wrong with you if you think we are going to accept any risk in doing business with the likes of a possible criminal, i.e. a check writer."

"A TELECHECK MERCHANT BOYCOTT" will be planned and executed by the American people through YouTube and other internet gathering spaces.

We will start with laser precision. One merchant at a time Until TELECHECK is no longer in the business of deciding with fifth grade logarithms, administered by a Filipino call center, which American is or is not a fraud risk regardless of their ability and willingness to pay.

Monetary Loss: $177.

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Don't blame the Merchant. Blame the *** bags who make a living writing bad checks.

In my business it came down to two choices, either stop taking ALL checks or find someone like telecheck to process checks. Granted Telecheck could use alot of improvements but they are better than refusing ALL checks. Do you know of a better check verification system?

If you do, please share. I am sure there are plenty of business owners who would like to find a better system.

to Bob #615268

You, as a merchant contracting with TELECHECK, have the greatest power to demand change to their unfair practices.

There isn't a need for another check verification service if TELECHECK would simply change those practices that treat YOUR loyal customers like thieving ***.

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