I ordered a new supply of checks from the place we have used for years. When the new checks arrived we began to use them.

About two weeks later our bank called and said that the bank routing number printed on our new checks was incorrect. (The check printers fault not the banks.) I began to call all places we had written a check to to let them know that the checks were very likely to bounce. One of those places was the WalMart store here in Lees Summit, MO. I was told that when the check was returned that they would call me and that I would come down and retrieve the check and make all things new again.

That has not happened. When I called today to check on the whereabouts of my check they told me it was sent to your company.

I am just trying to locate this misprinted check and make arrangements to cover it .

Any help you can provide would be appreciated. Thank you.

Reason of review: misprinted check.

Preferred solution: I need to replace that check.

I didn't like: Total lack of customer service.

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I know, "hindsight is great" but aren't you supposed to verify the checks are correct when you receive them from the printer?


No doubt they will contact you eventually. Just so you know, you will not be able to write checks in Walmart or any other stores that use Telecheck again, for life.

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