Let's start with my annual income...I make over 80k per year. My son is a disabled autistic 7 year old in 2nd grade.

Today he pooped on the potty for the first time ever and hasn't worn his diaper since. So I went to Walmart to buy big boy undies and a toy to celebrate the occasion a charger for his tablet he uses to communicate with on some occasions, (a symptom of autism) and a couple other items I needed. Total was $121.44US. my check was declined so I called the number on the receipt and was told "my check was declined because it didn't meet telecheck criteria" and "the decision was not based on my bank balance and it wasn't based on previously bounced checks" (telecheck's words...not mine).

This seems to me a lot like profiling based on financial institution or simply a random decision...not to mention the fact that telecheck is making decisions for companies and consumers ultimately disrupting productivity and lowering profits at the same time. I would never allow my company's revinue to be decided by a totally different company all together. But, most importantly, telecheck has undermined many years of ground work on potty training a disabled 7 year old as well as damaging his confidence in himself. STOP!

DO NOT ALLOW THIS TO CONTINUE WAL-MART! Make this right and gift my son with his big boy under wear as well as his toy for his accomplishment.

Review about: Telecheck Check Payment Processing Service.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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You can avoid telecheck as there are many other check verification companies that can be used. For example...check systems is an excellent company that does the same job with better results and reviews...and they cost the corporations less money in fees too.


It's us as people who must stand up to improve our country and world. If we justify and ignore everything this world will get worse

to Mdodson60 #1382427

Wrong, the only way to avoid Telecheck is to avoid shopping at stores that use them. Not easy to determine if they are using Check Systems. Banks often use CS.


And stop posting anonymous because it tells us that you fear the effect on your "good name" when you can't tell us who you are. This fear comes from knowing that what you're saying is completely wrong and immoral.

Maybe you should focus on correction of these problems rather than justifying and accepting them. Oh! Wait! I get it.

You are someone in charge at telecheck and you think you're doing your discriminating company a favor. You're not.


Your fault. Move into the correct century by NOT writing checks in public.

Credit card is best, but a debit card is a weak second. Checks are out.

to Anonymous #1381617

Not my fault when my card was at home with the wife who was using it to pay bills. As the sole provider for my family I don't have much time to wait for bills to get paid before going to the store...I work in this century so don't act like you're above anyone else.

I work over 80 hours most weeks to be able to provide for my family. I'll knock heads with anyone who thinks just because it's 2017 it's ok to do this to anyone...it's not. Like it or not... categorising anyone for anything, especially in this situation it incredibly wrong and you are probably an outcast and a bully which is why you have nothing but time to comment on my post...(you're the only person who did).

So I really don't think you know what you're talking about. You most likely are unemployed or under employed at best.

And credit cards end up costing you more money in interest so you're also wrong in your post. Debit is first while credits cards fall into 2nd

to mdodson60 #1381832

Actually, no, I am wealthier than you and have not written a check in public for over 40 years and have no ill effects from that. You cannot avoid Telecheck if you write checks at stores. Live with it or stay home.

to Anonymous #1382207

So you're saying that because of the century we are in it gives people the right to discriminate? Wrong.

As you like about who is at fault I am positive beyond the shadow of a doubt that you lie about your wealth as well. Keep in mind that this situation has damaged the self confidence of a disabled 7 year old child. Wealthy or poor you and everyone else are expected to protect children and the disabled from things like this.

It's your duty. Live with it or leave my country

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