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I tried to use my check at Walmart and was denied. I have no bad checks out. I usually use my debit card but decided to use my check. I was embarrassed that my check was denied because you know the people in line were thinking I was a bad check writer. I had the funds in my account and used my debit. The point is that Telecheck should NOT have the right to say which type of payment I use to purchase something. It is my right to chose what I want... Read more

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At the local Walmart, a $28 check was declined. My account balance was over $4,000. Now an order for $4.95 was declined, with over a $3,000 balance. I have never overdrawn, or had any other problems with my checking account. At both instances, I used my checking account debit card with no problems. Their customer service is next to impossible to navigate (voice computer), and I really don't know what is going on. I am now nervous to... Read more

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Check was refused due to very little history & because we write fewer checks than in the past. Talked to a supervisor found out WalMart goes through Telecheck. We go to WalMart once a week & write a check or use my debit card & no problem. She said it all depends on the system. Every business that uses Telecheck, needs to know the crappy service they provide to the customer and change to a different check verification company. I... Read more

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Open a bank account in the local bank in Walmart. Mad my deposit and started a payroll deposit. received my Debit card and life was great. 2-3 months later I received a pamphlet from the back asking if I wanted to open an account for my small business. Wow now I could have all my accounts at same bank. My business account was at B of A. Took my business info and cashier check from B of A to Open the account. They they ran a Telecredit as... Read more

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I had to get gas really bad and I lost my purse along with my wallet that had my debit card and credit card and all I had to pay stuff with was checks. I am a college student and I go to college a long ways away from home. As I look back at it, it was pretty *** of me to go into a gas station and expect to pay them with a check because most places don't except checks anymore but I'm young and I'm still learning. Anyways I went to go... Read more

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What the *** ever happened to cashing a check based on on if you had funds or not? I would love to be sitting with a new knee brace and icing down my blown out knee right now but some pimple face *** wipe from Telecheck told Walgreens not to take my check. Oh not *** due to no funds, there's over $2,000 to cover that ***... No because I haven't written a check for them in ages so I may not be who I said I was and my check may not be good. What... Read more

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My debit card is being replaced and I am not able to use it so I wrote a check at Walmart for groceries and telecheck denied my check because I never wrote checks and they do not have any information on my account. I have plenty of money in my checking account and I should be able to write a check of any amount at any place I choose. I do not agree with this policy, it is ridiculous. I am a good citizen and have never had return checks or... Read more

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Did not have Debit card so when I went to the drug store to get my son's medication, CVS Pharmacy would not take my check because it was denied by TELECHECK. I have not written any checks with insufficient funds so when I called, I was told that the amount was more then the average of what I usually spent and I did not have enough check writing history. I tried to explain what happened but was told that unless they spoke with my bank and... Read more

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